Stakeholder Involvement

The success of the updated Ryan Airfield Master Plan depends on strategic and proactive stakeholder involvement throughout the process. Input provided by stakeholders will be critical in establishing planning goals and evaluation criteria for proposed development. These goals will help to drive and define measurable criteria to be used throughout the planning process for the airport.

To effectively engage the stakeholders, the planning process will be driven by the following principles that will guide all stakeholder involvement:

  • Clear communication

  • Transparency

  • Informed stakeholders

“Stakeholders” consist of Tucson Airport Authority administration and staff, Tucson International Airport personnel, members of the public, elected officials, city and county departments, state and federal agencies, airport users and tenants, special interest groups and others. The purpose of having a variety of stakeholders is that they can provide critical information that will help to guide the planning process, as well as provide feedback that the project team would not otherwise have available.

Stakeholder Working Group (SWG)
The Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) will provide the overall strategic guidance throughout the planning process. The SWG consists of aviation and non-aviation constituents selected by the Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) to provide individual perspectives and opinions during key project milestones. In the interest of promoting member dialogue, the Federal Aviation Administration and Arizona Department of Transportation will be invited to participate as well. These individuals will provide a long-term focus on the outcomes of the Master Plan. The SWG will meet four times to provide strategic guidance and input on the information gathered during the Plan process. 

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consists of individuals who have an extensive understanding of the airport and can provide direction pertaining to specific technical matters during the planning process. TAC members are expected to provide more detailed individual perspective and provide feedback at key milestones due to their familiarity with the airport. The TAA is to coordinate with the TAC members and will disseminate meeting invitations and materials, as well as handle meeting logistics. The TAC will meet four times and will review the working papers and provide feedback to the airport and consultant.  

Public Open House Meetings
Two public information meetings are expected throughout this master planning process. The intent of these meetings is to disseminate information about the Master Plan and give the public an opportunity to learn about what is being planned at Ryan Airfield and to provide comments.